Bespoke rugs by Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily relies on over thirty years of experience to create the finest handmade rugs that feel extraordinarily good under your feet.

The brand’s name is both historic and new, and was inspired by the Korean legend of the sage and the tiger. The hermit predicted to the feline that every time a tiger died a stunning tiger lily would spring up, preserving its memory. Tiger Lily is also Peter Pan’s mischievous companion, who is both mutinous and loyal. The sky is the limit, they say, although perhaps the ceiling would be more appropriate in this case.

This 100% Belgian company combines discreet elegance with an unrivalled B-to-B service. Tiger Lily relies on the skills and talent of some of the world’s best craftsmen, and the speciality of their respective regions, such as Europe, Nepal, China and of course Belgium. These different cultures have all developed their own, unique arts and crafts and exclusive techniques, producing perfect materials, which are imbued with their traditions and history.

Tiger Lily, meanwhile, brings all its talent as a designer to the creative process, to express a delicate pattern, that will make us happy, and at an affordable price point.

Thanks to modern communication tools, the initial meetings can be virtual meetings. Send us photos or videos of your interior, so we can start to co-create remotely and Lily can unleash the Tiger within.

Our Belgian team will travel anywhere in the world, to the space that needs decorating, researching materials and searching for inspiration, while taking on board the ideas of our clients who don’t always have the time or the expertise to do this themselves.

Tiger Lily makes its most valuable asset available to you because we know that your time is also precious. Poetry in weaving, a language we both understand.

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